The Top Wine Clubs & Services of 2024

Sip back and relax with custom wine box memberships. Simply subscribe and get new wines delivered right to your door.

Last Updated: June 2024

An Introduction to Wine Clubs

Enjoying the delicious flavors of faraway wine regions, seasonal grape varieties, and specialized culinary pairings isn’t just for the world traveler anymore. Experience the luxury of global wines from your own dining table with a wine club membership. Interested in signing up? Here’s how it works:

Wine clubs bring members select bottles and packages via online delivery services. Many of these clubs are customizable to individual preferences including the number of bottles you receive at once, delivery frequency, combinations of reds, whites, sparking, and more. Companies may encourage members to fill out a brief tasting quiz or rate previously purchased wines in order to better tailor their individual selections.

Still not sure if a wine club is for you? Browse our ranked list above featuring the best online wine clubs available today. You may even find limited-time offers and seasonal deals.

How It Works

As you scroll through the list at the top of this page, you might notice variations in pricing structure, bottle selection style, and delivery frequency. This is because there are two different types of wine clubs: traditional e-commerce websites and wine club memberships.

The traditional wine e-commerce website should feel familiar since it works the same as most other online purchases. With this type of delivery service, you have total control over every bottle you receive. Simply filter your preferences,—such as red, dry, or small-batch—place bottles in your cart, checkout, and wait for the package to arrive. Voilà!

The online wine club membership is similar but with a little added adventure. To join, members make an account and share information about individual wine preferences. Once this information is collected, the wine club experts can start creating unique tasting profiles for each member’s account. These expert-picked or pre-selected bottles are delivered straight to the member's door, with customizable order sizes and delivery frequency.

If both options are appealing to you, be sure to check each companies website as some may offer both e-commerce delivery and membership subscriptions.

Which Style Is Right for You?

Joining a boozy book club? Hosting holiday parties? Just really enjoy wine? Online wine clubs are a great option for both wine connoisseurs and those that simply prefer a bit of expert guidance thanks to rotating inventories and new flavors each month.

If you’re having trouble deciding which style of wine club is right for you, you may want to begin by asking yourself: How well do I understand my wine preferences and am I interested in trying new flavors?

Whether the answer is—I don’t understand my preferences, I do understand my preferences, I know what I like and I’m not interested in trying new flavors, or I’m ready to try more—there’s sure to be a wine club that suits your needs.

Wine lovers may have different requirements than their casually-interested or newly-curious counterparts. Take some time to click through a few of the websites that catch your eye. It should be fairly obvious what style of wine enjoyer the specific club is best suited for.

How We Rank?

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Wine clubs aren’t just for the burgundy enthusiast anymore. These delivery services can be a convenient way to access hard-to-find bottles, taste flavors from faraway regions, support small vintners, grow independent collections, and more. The answer is of course up to you, but we think online wine clubs are an excellent choice.
Every wine club will vary in price per shipment and delivery fees. The companies featured on our website average about $16 per bottle + shipping. Additional fees will depend on the frequency and volume of your deliveries.
Wine clubs are often a greater value than traditional in-store purchasing. These companies can buy bottles in bulk and cut out the middlemen, effectively reducing the price per bottle so you pay less. What’s more, many clubs offer their members perks such as discounted bottles, free shipping, and seasonal gifts.