The Top 10 Wine Clubs of 2023

Entertain like a sommelier with wine clubs. Simply browse, choose, and get one-of-a-kind bottles delivered to your door.

Last Updated: September 2023

Wine Clubs: An Introduction

Before you start jumping into the delicious details of wine regions and perfect pairings, you have to start at the beginning: What exactly is a wine club? A wine club is an online delivery service where a company sends members select bottles of wine on a set delivery basis. Some members may receive up to 12 bottles of wine every month, two months, or three months.

Many wine clubs are extremely customizable. Members often start by choosing if they want reds, whites, or a mix of the two in their first shipments. To ensure members enjoy every wine in a shipment, many wine club companies will have users take tests and rate previously-purchased wines to better filter out future selections.

Not sure if a wine club is for you? Poke around our site to compare our favorite online wine clubs. You can check the price per bottle, unique facts about each company, and even score one-of-a-kind deals. Cheers!

The Two Types of Online Wine Clubs

As you search around wine clubs on our site, you may notice that there are two primary types of wine clubs: monthly clubs and traditional e-commerce sites.

The traditional wine club is simple: members build a tasting profile, choose the rate of shipments and number of bottles they’d like per shipment, and receive hand-picked wine selections on their chosen schedule. A traditional club is a great option for bold wine lovers who want to try unique varieties, or for newcomers to the wine world who want to skip the search for each new bottle.

Traditional e-commerce sites might be more familiar. On an e-commerce site, users simply pick and choose the wines they want, order them, and have them shipped to their door. If you’ve ever shopped for groceries, clothes, or electronics online, this is the same idea (but with wine!).

Some sites offer both club memberships and single- or multi-bottle e-commerce sites. Feel free to look around our site and find the wine seller that works best for you.

Here’s How to Choose the Best Wine Club for You

First, decide whether you want to join a shipped-to-you wine club, or simply shop on a traditional e-commerce site. Check out the section above if you aren’t familiar with the differences.

Second, ask yourself: how familiar am I with wine? Wine pros will have drastically different tastes than their aspiring counterparts. As you click through the wine clubs on our site, it will become obvious pretty quickly whether a specific wine club is for newbies or experts.

Lastly, you want to think about value. Do you want to spend $10 per bottle, or $100? Above simply price, you want to think about quantity. If you’re used to hosting a weekly wine club, you may want to opt-in to a monthly club that sends you six or more bottles. Simply filling up for one? You may only need a bottle or two a month.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

That answer, of course, is up to you—we think they’re awesome. Wine clubs are great for wine newbies and wine professionals alike. If you’re newer to wine, wine clubs take the stress out of wine buying. Instead of staring at the intimidating bottles on the shelf, you simply hang at home until your hand-selected wine is delivered to your door. For sommeliers-to-be, wine clubs can be a money-saving way to access unique vintages, buy from hard-to-reach regions, or support independent vintners who can’t compete in the wholesale market.
Every wine club will vary in price per shipment and cost of shipping. From the companies listed on our site, the average cost of a wine club before shipping is about $16 per bottle.
If you’re a bargain hunter, wine clubs might be another surprising way to sustain your piggy bank. Wine clubs save members money in a variety of ways. Wine is traditionally sold in single bottles, so wine clubs allow you to bulk save when you purchase multiple bottles at once. Many wine clubs work directly with winemakers, effectively cutting out a series of middlemen to help you beat the retail price. Lastly, wine clubs often give their members nice perks, such as additional money off on single bottle buys, or access to free gifts.