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Naked Wines Review

Buying wine at retail prices can be less than ideal. Naked Wines provides unique wines at wholesale prices, allowing you to save money while also enhancing your tastebuds. The decade-old company invests in over 150 indie winemakers and uses its business model to bring unique, high-end wines to market affordably.

Here’s how Naked Wines works: prospective winemakers submit their wine for approval, and, if approved, receive an advance to aid in the winemaking process. views their “Angels”, or subscribers, as customers who act as investors. Angel members invest $40 every month to invest in individual wine orders; this helps winemakers and gives the Angels exclusive perks such as 40-60% off on all orders and freebies.

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What Makes Naked Wines Unique?

For Naked Wines, it’s the variety that makes them stand out. Members can choose from a massive range of whites and reds, plus rose wines, sparkling wines, and fortified wines. To get a better idea of what Naked Wines offers, we chose to spotlight some of their “featured” wines.

  • Mauricio Lorca Reserve Uco Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2017: Referred to as “seductive, smooth and spicy” like roasted red peppers fresh off a sizzling grill, this is the company’s highest-rated wine. It comes straight from the Uco Valley Cabernet region in Argentina. - Market Price: $20.99. - “Angel” Price: $11.99. - Pairs well with: A great Argentinian steak, or a plate of sharp cheeses and fresh fruit.
  • Mauricio Lorca Reserve Los Arboles Malbec 2016: This dark, intense Malbec simply sings with flavor, finishing nice and smooth. - Market Price: $17.99. - “Angel” Price: $12.99. - Pairs well with: Barbeque and pastel de papa y carne (meat and potato pastry).
  • W. Donaldson Sonoma Blanc de Blancs 2016: Made pure from Sonoma Coast Chardonnay, this white is crisp, creamy, and refreshing; meant for special occasions. - Market Price: $40.99. - “Angel” Price: $18.99. - Pairs well with: Hog Island Oysters

Price per Bottle

When you sign up to become an Angel, the discounted prices are really impressive. Naked Wines prices range from $8.99 to $29.99 per bottle..

Wine Selection Process

You have two options at Naked Wines when it comes to membership: a regular account without any kind of advantages, bonuses, or fees which allows users access to purchase wines at regular market prices. Or you can become one of the Naked Wines’ Angels at $40/month, giving you access to many bonuses and benefits. The best part? You never lose this money. You can use it at any time to buy wine; almost like a “wine bank account.”

Angels also get bonuses like discounts of up to 60% compared to market prices, access to Angel-only wines and events, an Angel-exclusive customer service hotline, and a free Angel bottle of wine valued at $19.99 or more for every case you order. Before deciding on your membership, Naked Wines offers a quiz you can take to identify which wine choices suit you best.

Opening the Box

Since you’ll be the one ultimately deciding how many bottles of wine you want to be included in your delivery of up to 6 bottles, you may need some help carrying it inside. Upon opening your box, you’ll remove an insert revealing your wines.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Naked Wines is a great choice for a wine club. It doesn’t force any commitments or costly membership fees onto users, the business model is beneficial for both wine lovers and winemakers alike, and members can access money-saving perks and snag select bottles.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Wine clubs aren’t just for the burgundy enthusiast anymore. These delivery services can be a convenient way to access hard-to-find bottles, taste flavors from faraway regions, support small vintners, grow independent collections, and more. The answer is of course up to you, but we think online wine clubs are an excellent choice.
Every wine club will vary in price per shipment and delivery fees. The companies featured on our website average about $16 per bottle + shipping. Additional fees will depend on the frequency and volume of your deliveries.
Wine clubs are often a greater value than traditional in-store purchasing. These companies can buy bottles in bulk and cut out the middlemen, effectively reducing the price per bottle so you pay less. What’s more, many clubs offer their members perks such as discounted bottles, free shipping, and seasonal gifts.