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3 Ways to Break Out of Your Wine Comfort Zone

Start a new wine-tasting adventure.

C. Tarantino

April 3, 2023

Has the same brand of pinot noir become a permanent fixture in your home? Does the sound of your champagne open more of a sigh than a pop? Does your wine glass taste half-empty?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, it might be time to give your wine comfort zone a little push!

Whether you’re searching for a new favorite wine or browsing around for a new experience, these are our three favorite ways to discover new wines.

1) Try a Wine Club

This tip is our personal favorite. Not just because we fancy ourselves as wine club experts, it’s also the easiest way to discover new wines!

Wine clubs curate, select, and ship new bottles of wine straight to their customers' doors. This means all of the work is taken out of the wine discovery process: no research into unfamiliar varietals, no traveling to a wine store or vineyard, and no tracking shipments from multiple wine sellers.

With a wine club, all you have to do is select how frequently you’d like new wines (monthly, bi-monthly, or seasonally), select your taste preferences, and wait for your wines to arrive.

Best of all, many wine clubs offer satisfaction guarantees. If one of the wines in your shipment makes you hold your nose, you might be sent a replacement bottle at no cost to you.

2) Pair Your Wine with Food

Love to cook? Simply following your food palate to find your new favorite wine.

Start by selecting your favorite meal. From homemade pasta masterpieces to $8 carryout bibimbop, every entree will have a great wine companion just waiting to be tasted together.

After choosing a meal, simply search for wines that pair well with your primary ingredients and flavors. Seafood-heavy gumbo? A tart Chardonnay ought to do the trick. Wintertime pot pie? A Cabernet Sauvignon should round out the meal.

Now you’re ready to eat and drink deliciously. Enjoy!

3) Ask Your Waiter or Sommelier

If you’re into finer dining experiences, try asking your waiter (or even sommelier, if you’re at a true white-table kind of place) for a wine pairing.

Traditionally, you’d order your wine before looking at the entrees. For a deliciously paired meal, we recommend you order both your wine and entree at the same time. When your waiter swings by, explain to them that you’re a bold wine adventurer on the hunt for a new go-to. Most waiters love to help their guests select the perfect meal.

Start Exploring

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On our list, you’ll find a variety of our customer’s favorite wine clubs. Some clubs specialize in tailoring your wines to your taste buds, others in sending you small-batch bottles you can’t find anywhere else. Whatever you’re into, you’ll find it here.

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