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A Wine Club Membership is the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Make her day all the more special with the gift that keeps on giving.

Clayton Tarantino

April 20, 2022

When shopping for a gift for Mother’s Day, you might feel like you have to find the absolute perfect gift. After all, a lot is riding on this one decision: your mom has to love the gift, it has to be unique to her, it has to be affordable for you, and it has to be easy to order in a last-minute scenario. How can you tick all of these boxes with May 8 looming ever closer?

If your mom’s a wine drinker, a wine club membership could be your perfect gift solution for her big day.

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Here at, we like to geek out over the various benefits that come with a wine club membership. We’ve compiled a detailed list of five reasons why a wine club membership will be your mom’s favorite gift this Mother’s Day.

Here’s why your mom’s going to love her wine club:

1) It’s Customized to Her Taste

Wine club distributors reject the idea of “one size fits all;” when your mom receives her first wine shipment, it can be customized uniquely to her tastes. Wine clubs feature three methods of customer customization: taste testing, rating, and bottle-by-bottle selection.

To ensure shipments meet members’ tastes , a few wine clubs intro new customers with an online “taste test.” After a customer completes a multiple-choice questionnaire about their palate likes and dislikes—a process that only takes about five minutes—on-staff sommeliers select varietals designed to satisfy that customer’s unique palate. If your mother tends to be choosy about her wines, consider selecting a wine club membership that uses this taste test method.

Similarly, many wine clubs will encourage members to rate their past wine selections. A customer’s ratings directly inform their future wine shipments. If mom loves her last shipment, she’ll receive fun variations on that same vintage in her next shipment; if she hated a specific wine, she won’t be receiving anything like it again.

Lastly, wine clubs tend to allow customers to pick and choose their wine selection each month. Customers can choose generic attributes for their shipment, such as grape, region, or color; or they can hand select each bottle in their shipment.

2) It’s Unique to Her Interests

Every wine club distributor wants to stand out. To be unique, wine clubs often specialize in a specific wine selection and intended customer base.

A wine club’s product selection is what makes it truly one-of-a-kind. A wine club will often specialize in:

    • Wine region (e.g. France, Germany, United States)
    • Wine varietals (e.g. riesling, pinot noir, chardonnay)
    • Style (e.g. sparkling; canned; traditional)
    • Wine pricepoints (e.g. budget-friendly, mid-shelf, pricey)
    • Number of bottles delivered (e.g. 2, 4, 12)

By varying their product lines and branding, wine clubs will try and capture a specific customer base. When searching for a wine club for mom, see if she fits into any of these categories:

    • Casual: The wine drinker looking to have a little fun and try something new
    • Patron: The wine lover who wants to support independent vintners
    • Critic: The serious wine drinker looking for deals on sought-out varietals
    • Explorer: The daring wine drinker looking for odd varietals, perhaps hailing from less-common wine regions
    • No-nonsense: The seasoned wine drinker who knows exactly what she likes and simply wants repeat bottles

3) It’s a Gift that (Literally) Keeps on Giving

With varying shipping schedules, your mom can celebrate Mother’s Day again and again on a cadence that fits your budget.

Wine clubs differ shipments in two primary ways: 1) the number of wines shipped and 2) the shipping schedule. Shipping specifics allow you to customize your mom’s wine club experience while staying within budget. You might be able to customize your mom’s shipment in the following ways:

Number of Wine Bottles per Shipment:

    • 2
    • 4
    • 6
    • 12
    • 24

Shipment Schedule:

    • One-off (only one box is shipped)
    • Shipment every-other-month for: 6 months or 1 year
    • Monthly shipment for: 3 months, 6 months, or 1 year

4) She’ll Love it, Risk-free

Wine clubs are incentivized to keep customers coming back for more. To retain customers, wine clubs often offer generous return policies.

Most wine clubs simply offer a money-back guarantee: if a customer hates a wine in a shipment, the person paying for the wine will get their money back.

Other wine clubs offer a credit-back scenario: if a customer hates a wine in a shipment, he or she receives a “credit” to replace that disliked wine in the future.

If your mom is a bit palate picky, double-check that the wine club you choose offers a satisfaction guarantee.

5) She Can Snag Bonus Gifts and Perks

To add even more sparkle to your mom’s wine club membership, wine club companies tend to reward giftees with scheduled gifts and discounts.

Wine clubs like to offer customers scheduled gifts, usually every three or six months. Included with the cost of the wines, members might receive:

    • Bonus bottles
    • Corkscrew sets
    • Wine glasses
    • Membership discounts for club renewal
    • Membership discounts for friends/family

Wine clubs do more than ship bottles to members; wine clubs often feature an online wine marketplace where members and non-members can shop for individual or package bottles. As a bonus for being a wine club member, wine club companies tend to offer members site-wide discounts on their online catalogs. If your mom falls in love with a specific bottle from a past shipment, she might be able to purchase it from the club’s online store at a discount.

What are You Waiting for? Mother’s Day is Almost Here!

Time is tick, ticking away. If you want your mom to receive a customized wine shipment on her special day, it’s best to order about five days in advance.

To instantly receive a discount on your first order, visit our link below and order from one of the top-rated wine clubs on our list.

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We hope she loves her first shipment!